Meet Samuel

Hi, my name is Samuel A. Gbadebo, I teach and train Entrepreneurs, Free Lancers and Corporate Professionals into achieving goals of their highest standard. Ranging from mastering the art of negotiation, with your competitors or in every day life to surpassing a new quarter sales goal that could change things for your business or position. My Group Coaching and 1 on 1 Coaching programs  give you the edge you need to make it happen.

A California native, after graduating from UCR I found myself in Pharmaceutical Sales, where I thrived. By 28, I had achieved the top 2% of sales in the Nation for my employer all while selling two small startups, making over 250K in a calendar year . At 30 I was shaken by a divorce, a massive company restructuring and bad health. I crashed. This is where the magic began. The following 4 years consisted of rebuilding and  developing and reevaluating everything I thought I knew about Achievement, Success and fulfillment. 

I was forced to evolve and learn why I wanted the things I did and what would help me sustain personal relationships, health and peace of mind in pursuit of my ideas of success. I had to evolve my success. This experience led me to create a program that I could follow to keep me focused in pursuit of my goals while ensuring I was fulfilled. I linked up with a few personal development companies, received training and honed the program to fit multiple personalities and clarify a person’s individual goals.

I created an opportunity to train dozens of professionals that used my program to make dramatic changes in 3 areas of their life: Career, Finances and Relationships. Within 3 months I had tangible results for each client. And now, I look forward to bringing it to you.


“It only takes one win to start a winning life.”