Meet Samuel

Hi, my name is Samuel A. Gbadebo, I teach and train Entrepreneurs and High Revenue Sales Professionals who have missed sales targets for one quarter or more by applying a system and mindset strategy to constantly exceed sales targets.

Including mastering the art of negotiation, exuding confidence in any space, influencing and leveraging colleagues and customers.

Trained in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Specialty product Sales,  I have performed within the top 2% of sales for my employer all while creating and selling two small startups, making over 250K in a calendar year. At 30 I was shaken by a divorce, child custody, a massive company restructuring and bad health. I crashed. This is where the magic began. The following 4 years consisted of rebuilding and  developing and reevaluating everything I thought I knew about Achievement, Success and fulfillment. 

This personal evolution has led me to create programs and content that train someone into their own personal evolution to come out on other side, possessing capabilities and a mindset to achieve more than they ever have in every aspect of their life.

And now, I look forward to bringing it to you.


“Evolve and Live Big.”