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You’re an experienced bedside nurse. You adapt and adjust quickly to the needs of your patients, requests of physicians, and lend a hand to coworkers. You are a leader. You are a teacher. You know how to collaborate with all disciplines in healthcare. You regularly educate and advocate for the needs of your patients.

As a nurse you are truly the most qualified, the most familiar with the devices, equipment and tech used to care for you patient, shift after shift. Now you are feeling the burnout and you are curious about what other avenues of nursing are available.

What if… you could combine your leadership qualities, your ability to educate into a role that increased your income and created more freedom in your life?

Apply!  We will sit with you and discuss exactly how we will help you attain a clinical specialist role.

This is the opportunity waiting for you in the medical sales field!

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Educating and leading others is one of my favorite parts of nursing
What is your total yearly compensation?
What is your nursing degree?
Are you willing to invest $2500 in yourself to make an additional $50K or more with a medical sales job?

I know I know, you’re a nurse not a salesperson, but what if...

You could invest in a program to be trained and supported in learning the skills to confidently stand out from others and secure a position as clinical consultant, educating providers… AND you get evenings, weekends, and holidays back with your loved ones?!

If you are interested in supporting your patients in optimizing their wellbeing from a heightened leadership role while increasing your professional and personal life fulfillment.


We tailor everything for your SUCCESS. See how our method works and watch the webinar!

Meet Your Guide!

Experienced medical sales professional and ICF certified coach who has nailed down the strategy to getting a sales position in medical sales.

After earning a BS in Biology at UC, Riverside, Samuel has spent 14 years in medical sales, driving performance while helping others reach their goals. He is proud to have created an ever evolving top-tier healthcare sales career-building program where 90% of program graduates find placement within medical sales positions they desire, on average, in 90 days.


Program components that fast track you to getting hired!

Here is a list of some of what’s included in Medical Sales Career Builder. See BASIC and PREMIUM differences by selecting ENROLL NOW…

Medical Sales Career Builder

30+ lessons

8 module easy to follow curriculum

20+ items of supplementary material

Mock Interviews with Recruiters

Live interviews with recruiters and hiring managers

With feedback, scoring and coaching

Referral Network

Access to medical sales reps and executives

Ready to advise and help create opportunities

Industry Leader Advice

Ask medical sales industry leaders any career questions

Over 30+ Templates

To master your resume

Connect on Linkedin

Send thank-you letters

And every tool required to ace your interviews

Tailored Resume

Customized Resume

Evaluated by recruiters

To ensure each section best represents you

Medical Sales Career Consulting

To help you design your dream career path

Constant Connection

Be constantly connected to a network that will help you start and expand your career


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Tyler Ropp

Clinical Specialist at Stryker


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