Here are the skills set to be expected from your future Virtual Assistant. Here are the lists of services for an Executive/Administrative role that can be provided for your business; Bookkeeping, generating reports, data analyzing, extensive researching, presenting reports, encoding, managing of emails, calling & updating with the business partners and most important of all is a good and professional relationship with the future client.

For almost 3 years in teaching industry, your future Virtual Assistant can give you a hand in, creating instructional design materials, speaking with different customers around the globe, confidence in video conferencing, writing reports, a keen eye for being observant and most of all, excellent English skills both verbal and written.

Your future Virtual assistant has almost 3 years of experience as an Executive Assistant, in her corporate job, a lot of responsibilities were given to her, you can also expect the following from her as a social media manager; creating engaging content for your social media pages, image and graphic editing, answering queries from customers on your platform, engagement and interaction with social media followers and lastly, familiarity with the tools like CRM and project management that enables faster tracking of customers.

For a marketing role, you can also expect from her are familiarity with different types of marketing, since in her 5 years of Executive career, she also played big part in marketing. She can offer different kinds of marketing similar on her previous job experience such as, traditional marketing, SMS marketing, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing.

The other side of this excellent Virtual Assistant and can also be a hand of yours with regards, content writing, video editing and spontaneous speaking. This assistant can also offer an extensive customer service skills as she also worked in a BPO customer related account.