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What Is Vaccine Medical Sales? With Jerome Pinson

Posted on May 1, 2024



Unlock the secrets of thriving in the cutthroat realm of vaccine sales with Jerome Pinson
from CSL Seqirus as he shares potent strategies for standing out among industry

With his seasoned expertise, he paints a vivid picture of a day in the life of a medical
sales pro, from the meticulous crafting of pre-call plans to the artful communication
required to resonate with diverse healthcare audiences.

This episode promises to distill the essence of Jerome's wisdom, offering you the keys
to catapult your own sales prowess to new heights. Navigating the intricate challenges
of the medical sales industry requires more than just knowledge—it demands passion
and a knack for strategy.

Jerome reveals how the competitive landscape of influenza vaccine sales is constantly
reshaped by both established players and emerging market dynamics. Listen closely as
we dissect the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, probe into the importance of
understanding customer needs, and explore the fine balance between professional
ambition and personal well-being, all through the lens of Jerome’s prolific career.

Concluding with a treasure trove of personal anecdotes, Jerome offers a glimpse into
his life beyond the boardroom. From his favorite reads that sharpen his sales acumen to
leisurely pastimes that recharge his batteries, he exemplifies how to maintain
equilibrium amidst a demanding career.

And for those itching to leap into the medical sales arena, we provide actionable steps
to fast-track your journey, a sneak peek into the supportive programs on offer, and a
promise of more inspiring conversations to fuel your ascent in the high-stakes world of
medical technology sales.

Meet the guest:

Jerome Pinson is a Sr Vaccine Account Consultant at CSL Seqirus. He is an award
winner with experience in pharmaceutical and biologic sales. He has a proven
successful track record involving multiple new product launches in a variety of different
therapeutic divisions.

Jerome has a proven ability to identify and capitalize on market opportunities to drive
revenue while capturing market share. He is a strong closer with a challenger mindset
who consistently exceeds targets in a consultative sales environment with the ability to
build long lasting relationships.

This is a “late” special episode for the World Immunization Week!

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