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Building Relationships In Medical Sales And All About Wound Care Pathology With Zac Dotinga

Posted on June 5, 2024

Unlock the secrets to thriving in the specialized field of wound care diagnostics with insights from Zac Dotinga, Assistant Regional Manager at Advanced Pathology Solutions.

 This episode promises to illuminate the intricacies of working with podiatry offices and wound care centers, sharing how pathology services, like confirming fungal infections, play a pivotal role.

 From identifying decision-makers in clinics to managing a vast territory that includes Washington, Oregon, and parts of Idaho, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique aspects of diagnostics sales.

 But that’s not all—Zac’s journey into medical sales is as inspiring as it is instructive. Learn how resilience, people skills, and a passion for relationship-building are key to success in this dynamic field.

Hear about the serendipitous encounter that led Zac to his current role and his use of the Med Reps website to make a career shift. Plus, get a glimpse into his life beyond the professional realm, including his love for basketball, hiking, and college football, along with his top book and TV recommendations.

 Join us for an engaging conversation that blends career insights with personal passions, offering a window into the lifestyle of a dedicated medical sales professional.

 Meet the guest:

 Zac Dotinga is an assistant regional manager with Advanced Pathology Solutions, specializing in podiatric and wound care pathology. In his role, Zac works closely with independent podiatry groups and wound care centers, providing essential pathology services including PCR wound swabs and diagnostic confirmations. He combines the skills of both acquiring new accounts and offering continued support to existing clinics, emphasizing the importance of trust, reliability, and accountability. Known for his resilience, dedication, and excellent interpersonal skills, Zac excels at building strong relationships within the medical community. Passionate about his work, he finds joy in his career and feels it never truly feels like work. Outside of his professional life, Zac enjoys playing basketball, hiking, backpacking, and attending college football games.

 Connect with him: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zac-dotinga-94b42b85/

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