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From Pharmaceutical Sales To Healthcare Data With Adam Mostafa

Posted on March 12, 2024

In this compelling episode of The Medical Sales Podcats, join Samuel Adeyinka and his
special guest, Adam Mostafa, a titan in the field of healthcare sales and Managing
Director of Business Development at TruVeta, as he delves into the data revolution
transforming the medical device industry. With over a decade of rich experience that
stretches from pharmaceuticals to medical devices and now healthcare data analytics,
Adam provides unparalleled insights into the power of real-world evidence in driving
sales strategies and regulatory success.

Learn how Adam’s innovative mindset and strategic prowess played a pivotal role in
launching the V-Lock suture, propelling it to become the benchmark in robotic surgery.
Discover how TruVeta is shaping the future of healthcare by harnessing EHR-related
data to fuel research and development for medical device companies and
pharmaceuticals alike. Adam’s journey from a pharmaceutical representative to a driving
force behind healthcare technology underscores the critical importance of embracing
change and the ever-growing reliance on data in the healthcare sector.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in healthcare sales or simply intrigued by the
integration of data and medical advancements, this episode is an essential listen. Equip
yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel in the fast-paced, data-
driven world of healthcare sales with insights from an industry leader who’s not only
witnessed but also shaped its evolution.

Ps: Adam’s best book read. Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life, Book by Roxie

Additional note from the guest!
“I want to make sure I point out though that when I’m talking about the prostatectomy I mentioned taking out the bladder neck and urethra. That doesn’t happen you join the bladder neck and urethra together because you are taking out the prostate creating an anasramosis of the two structures.”


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