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Leading Sales Teams To Global Success: A Mother’s Day Special With Sydney Selby

Posted on May 15, 2024

A Mother’s Day special!

Join us as we sit down with Sydney Selby, the innovative Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Medical Education at Renata Medical, during a week when we honor mothers and the gifts they bring into our lives.

Sydney illuminates the often-invisible struggles within pediatric congenital heart disease treatment, revealing how Renata Medical’s Minima Renata stent system is revolutionizing care for the tiniest hearts.

With a blend of technical savvy and personal anecdotes, she underscores the critical need for devices that adapt to growing children, the hurdles faced by clinicians, and the passion that fuels progress in medical sales.

Sydney and I peel back the layers of our career journeys, sharing how personal challenges and family experiences not only shape our aspirations but also drive our pursuit of passion in the medical sales field.

From my own start as a surgical sales representative to Sydney’s leadership in a startup environment, we exchange stories of resilience and adaptability that are essential for anyone aiming to leave their mark in this industry.

We stress that the key to success lies in starting somewhere, building upon each opportunity, and relentlessly following your career dreams.

As we wrap up our conversation, the spotlight turns to Sydney’s personal joys and professional accomplishments. In a rapid-fire Q&A, we discover the simple pleasures that bring her fulfillment outside work, as well as the strategic mindset that has fueled her rise to the top.

We close by encouraging you to forge your own path in medical sales, offering a glimpse into Evolveyoursuccess.com and how it might support your journey from entry-level aspirations to executive leadership.

Be inspired by Sydney’s story and take that first step toward shaping your future in the thriving field of medical sales.

Meet the guest:

Sydney Selby, a dynamic leader with a passion for impactful innovation in healthcare, brings a wealth of experience and insight to her role as Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Medical Education at Renata Medical. With a career trajectory marked by excellence and adaptability, Sydney’s journey from her early days in cardiac surgery sales to her pivotal leadership positions at Medtronic, Abbott, and now Renata Medical reflects her unwavering commitment to patient-centric care and transformative medical technology. Sydney’s leadership style, rooted in a fact-based approach and a dedication to collaborative problem-solving, has propelled her through various challenges, from pioneering pivotal trials for transcatheter aortic valve implantation to navigating the complexities of global sales strategies. Her leadership philosophy emphasizes the importance of uniting teams around a common mission, fostering open communication, and continuously learning from both successes and setbacks. With Sydney at the helm, Renata Medical stands poised to revolutionize pediatric congenital heart disease treatment and improve outcomes for countless young patients worldwide.

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Connect with her: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sydneyselby

Learn more about Renata Medical: https://www.renatamedical.com/

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