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Selling A Life Saving App With Military Veteran Bryan Lorden

Posted on April 12, 2024

When Bryan Lorden’s life was touched by tragedy, it sparked a mission: to prevent others from experiencing the same heartache. That’s what led Bryan, a military veteran, to create Vesta Sleep, a life-saving app we dive into in our latest episode.

This innovative tool, designed for wearable tech, doesn’t just track sleep—it also has the potential to alert users and their emergency contacts during critical medical situations, a feature born from the devastating loss of Bryan’s friend. Listen in as we discuss the journey from concept to reality, the app’s wide appeal from young to old, and the exciting prospects of future enhancements, including a direct 911 calling function.

In the world of medical tech, patient empowerment is key, and we’re showcasing an app that’s a game-changer for those with sleep apnea.

By integrating with wearable devices, it simplifies monitoring and encourages proactive health management with a sleep score system, prompting users to seek medical advice when necessary.

Drawing from my own transition from sales to the med-tech industry, we explore how personal experiences can fuel a dedication to innovation and significantly improve health outcomes.

Tune in as we also preview what’s on the horizon for our podcast.


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