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Stand Out In Med Sales: The Power Of A Personal Story With Emma Sturtevant

Posted on June 26, 2024

Medical sales expert Emma Sturtevant! Joins us to unpack the transformative potential of personal stories in the competitive field of medical sales. With her rich background in public health, psychology, and communication, Emma offers invaluable insights into how crafting a compelling personal narrative can differentiate you in job interviews and provide ongoing motivation in your career. She shares actionable advice on overcoming common objections and creating effective resumes that resonate with hiring managers, helping numerous candidates land their dream jobs within an average of 89 days.

 Through Emma’s lens, discover the profound impact of supportive networks and targeted coaching in the Evolve Your Success (EYS) program. Emma passionately recounts the journeys of students who, despite initial setbacks, found their passion and success through the program’s community and her dedicated coaching. Her empathetic approach and personal experiences illustrate the importance of aligning your career with your values and aspirations, showing how a strong support system can turn uncertainty into professional triumph.

 We also get a glimpse into Emma’s personal favorites and cherished memories, adding a delightful personal touch to our conversation. From her top book pick, “Maybe in Another Life” by Taylor Jenkins Reid, to her best dining experience at Bosa in Bend, Oregon, Emma’s vibrant personality shines through. Hear about her unforgettable trip to Europe with her mom and how these experiences have shaped her perspective. Join us for an episode that not only equips you with career-changing strategies but also inspires you with Emma’s journey and commitment to helping others succeed.

 Meet the guest:

Emma Sturtevant is a medical device sales representative and medical sales career coach, passionate about personal branding and helping aspiring reps stand out and land their dream job in the incredibly rewarding industry of medical sales. She is EYS’ Personal Branding Coach, and helps transform student’s personal stories in the interview process to confidently show how their true strengths and unique backgrounds bring value to their dream companies.

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