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Create Your Dream Career And Evolve Your Success

Posted on March 10, 2021

MSP 41 | Dream Career


Most if not all people are trying to get somewhere and go beyond where they are now, whether it’s within their career, company, or industry. If you’re someone who wants to take serious steps to make that happen, especially if you’re in the medical sales space, this show is going to be a gem. Today, Samuel Gbadebo talks about Evolve Your Success, the company that birthed The Medical Sales Podcast, and the programs they offer to help medical sales job seekers, sales leaders, and sales teams create their dream careers.

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Create Your Dream Career And Evolve Your Success

I want to talk about something now. We have a slight change in plans, but first, let me say this. This show was created for leaders, sales reps, and those that aspire to be in healthcare sales. It was intended to serve as a community where people can get informed, get connected, and get the right resources to grow, whether you’re a CEO, sales rep or job seeker. As we all know in this industry, specifically healthcare sales, it requires transparency, accountability, and respect for protocol. There are global implications for actions or inactions by personnel within the industry. Now, I have to be transparent and deliver some unfortunate news.

My episode with Kelly Allan was one of two, a part one and a part two. After the first episode aired, it was brought to our attention that complete approval was not gained from her company. Now, approval was gained, but not from all levels of leadership per protocol due to no fault of her own. Therefore, we’re not going to be able to air episode number two until complete permission is gained. Everyone has been notified. I do expect that we will be able to air this episode soon. However, I am accountable to you because you guys are my readers. I want to fervently apologize and assure you that this won’t happen again.

While I am disappointed that I can’t share part two with you now, I do recognize that it gives us an opportunity. The opportunity is for you to learn exactly what we do and how we do it at Evolve Your Success, the company that birthed The Medical Sales Podcast. More specifically, to programs that can be instrumental in serving medical sales job seekers, sales leaders, and sales teams. The first program is called the Medical Sales Career Builder. The second program is simply called the Sales Builder Program. Allow me to get into it.

MSP 41 | Dream Career

Dream Career: Everything has become extremely competitive, especially healthcare sales, but the silver lining to that is there are also innovative resources.


First, let’s address both programs. For those of you who finish every episode to the very end, you know I bring it up in every episode of the show. I’m not sure if you guys understand what these programs are designed to do. Both programs are designed to help you get into your desired role. You’re probably thinking, “That’s great, but what exactly does that mean?” You could be from another industry. You could be laid off. You could be fired. You could be employed in pharma, medical devices, or any other healthcare sales field. You could even be a nurse looking to get into a clinical specialist position or a sales position.

At the end of the day, you’re someone who wants to be in a desired position within the healthcare sales industry. Let’s be honest, that is all of us. We are all trying to get somewhere, whether to get into the industry, into the career, or transcend and ascend up within leadership, within the career, or take our company to new heights. We’re all trying to get somewhere. You are someone who wants to go beyond exactly where you are now. If you’re someone who wants to take serious steps to make that happen, then these programs are for you. We help you make those things happen in two ways.

The Career Builder Program is for the person who’s ready for an entirely new role. Think about it this way. It’s the job seeker who wants to be a sales rep. It’s the nurse who wants to become a clinical specialist. It’s the business-to-business sales professional who wants to get into medical devices, the pharma rep who wants to get into medical devices, or even the medical device rep who wants to get into a different area within healthcare sales. That’s Career Builder.

Sales Builder is for the person who’s ready to move up within their company through performance and career development. This program applies to the individual who wants to do something serious about their development. Maybe they wish to get into the winner’s circle this year, get into the top 10% of performance sales reps, or become a first-line leader. Maybe a first-line leader wants to become an executive or make a move that takes them further along in their career into a higher role. That’s Sales Builder.

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We also have Sales Builder for teams, which coaches and trains sales management and sales professionals on communication within the organization and with customers from how to gain better access to healthcare providers using social media to overcoming objections, to utilizing body language, and to go certain directions within a sales call. This is what these programs do. These are the people these programs are for. If you’re reading and this fits you, then yes, these are programs that could be for you. You’re probably asking, “This is great. This is something I’m interested in. How is it delivered?” Let’s start with Career Builder.

Career Builder is not an 8-week or a 12-week course. It is a six-month program that will teach you how to master your personal brand to attract the right decision-makers, understand the foundational skills to address everything about who you are to why it makes the most sense to hire you. Lastly, to deliver in every interview with authenticity and understanding and demonstrate so much value that it will be impossible for a decision-maker to ignore it. It is not a simple online certification. It is not a few coaching calls. It is not a video module. It is an all-inclusive community effort to get you into the right position within healthcare sales. It is a very comprehensive program that includes recruiters, hiring managers, weekly sessions, interviews, mentorship, and partnering with sales leaders.

Sales Builder, for the individual, is a one-on-one, deeply introspective work designed not to just sell better but to operate differently to be a leader within your team and company and perform at your highest level. Sales Builder for teams includes multiple experts in different areas, such as negotiation, body language, social media selling, and commanding every part of the sales interaction through live and recorded modules over six months to a year. This is what we do. Our mission is to develop you, from candidate to C-Suite. The reality? Some of you reading right now are candidates. Some of you reading right now are C-level professionals. Some of you reading right now fall somewhere in between.

What I personally don’t want to see and what I used to see happen all the time, and probably frustrates any of you reading, whether it’s happening to you or someone you know, is when you talk to someone and they tell you, “I don’t like where I am. I don’t like what’s going on. I know I’m worth more or I’m ready for something different. I want to work over here in this space.” It’s something within the healthcare space. Maybe it’s medical devices, pharmaceutical or something else. You know they’re qualified. You talk to them six months later and nothing has changed. A year later, you talk to them again, and nothing has changed. Two years later, you talk to them again, nothing has changed.

MSP 41 | Dream Career

Dream Career: It’s the 2020s. People can get the careers they want, thrive in them, ascend in leadership, and truly develop as professionals.


If this is you or if you know someone like this, you know this is frustrating. This is something that I used to see over and over again. I wanted to do something about it. This is why the Career Builder was created and why we want to help as many professionals as we can. What is equally frustrating is when you have someone who works in the healthcare sales, and they say, “I want to get into the winner’s circle. I want to get into top-tier sales performance this year. I want to be a manager. I want to move into this sales role.” Five years go by, they are in the exact same position. They are not happy about it at all.

If this is your choice, you love where you are, and you want to be there for the next 25 years, more power to you. I know many sales professionals who have chosen that. They love where they are and love what they’re still doing. I also know many sales professionals who did not want this experience and did not know what to do. They didn’t know how to advance within their company. They didn’t know how to get better access to their customers. They didn’t know how to transform their territories.

What about the sales leader, the sales director who wants to develop his or her team and is just not sure what would serve them best but knows something must be done? The CEO with the startup and his 20 to 50-person sales team, who’s thinking, “I want these guys to be on fire. What can I do?” It’s the 2020s. It has become extremely competitive, but the silver lining is that there are innovative resources. We are an innovative resource that has solutions. People can get the careers they want, thrive in them, ascend in leadership, and truly develop as professionals, while sales teams can develop cohesiveness and understanding that allows them to be incredibly effective and create fans out of customers.

My passion has always been personal development, which I believe is a necessary component of professional development. To move beyond where you are now, love what you do, thrive in how you do it, and be a resource to everyone you work with and serve requires direction and a level of insight that you might not have. I hope this show has been a beacon of light. I want you to let us help you get where you want to go. In a nutshell, we help professionals perform higher. We help sales leaders lead better. You can find us at EvolveYourSuccess.com. You can find me on LinkedIn under the name, Samuel Adeyinka. As always, thank you for reading. If you read something that speaks to you now about where you want to go, then please make sure you reach out to us. Stay tuned for another amazing interview next time.

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