Get Hired in a Fulfilling
Medical Sales Role in 120 Days

Medical Sales Career Builder is an online course and career coaching program with training, mentorship, networking and recruitment services to help you make the transition into a fulfilling Medical Sales career in just 120 days.



We help Bachelor Degree
Professionals from any industry
transition to a career in Medical
Sales with no prior sales or medical
experience necessary.


Days to Success

Our average client spends 4.5
hours per week working through
the program and accepts their ideal
job offer within 3 to 4 months.



Our clients transition into Medical Sales
roles that offer meaningful impact on
the health of their communities with
compensation and benefits that enable
fulfilling personal lives.

Some of the companies our clients have been hired by

Samuel and the team at Evolve Your Success have changed my life. As a registered nurse who was feeling stagnated and defeated at the bedside, I found my way to Sam’s medical sales program through his podcast. I knew I needed a change and Samuel and the whole team gave me more than I could ever have hoped for through this program.

I was able to gain so much insight into the sales industry, learned how to market myself, revamped my resume, attended guest talks with current industry professionals, and built an incredible digital portfolio all while being supported and coached by Samuel and his team. The skills and knowledge I gained through this program were worth far more than the cost of the program itself; it was an investment into my future that I will always be so grateful for making. I landed the job of my dreams because of Samuel and the team and their collective, unwavering belief in me!

The tools his course provides and the community of support available through this program are of the highest caliber and absolutely invaluable. I can’t thank Sam and his team enough; for the first time I feel exhilaration when I think about my future!

Caitlin Baker RN, BSN, MSN student

Aesthetics Sales Representative in Partnership with Galderma | USAF Veteran

Samuel is a great mentor and coach, and he is able to bring the right mix of energy, objectivity, and expertise that is needed to land a job in medical device sales. He and his team at Evolve Your Success gave me the tools and advice to network and interview my way to an amazing job opportunity. Most importantly, he helped me see the value that I already have and taught me how to put that on full display. I was so glad I had Samuel in my corner, and I know he’ll be an advocate of mine for years to come!

Bradley Sadri, BSN, RN

Regional Acessa Specialist | Minimally Invasive Surgery


I discovered Samuel’s program after going on a deep dive into his “Medical Sales Podcast.”

I was a Clinical Laboratory Manager and I enjoyed what I did but like many of people out there, I was hungry for a new “challenge”. I wanted to take my love for healthcare and technology to the next level by pursuing a transition into the Medical Sales space; however, I also knew that it wouldn’t be an easy task.

This program was everything I needed to make my dream happen! Samuel has put together a phenomenal team of coaches who truly challenge you to showcase your achievements and communicate your VALUE.

Within a few months, I was prepared to “walk me through your resume” and own “my story”. I was able to showcase my strengths and value, while staying true to who I am and remaining authentic during the interview process.

Regardless of your professional background, B2B experience OR NOT, you have useful skills and experiences that will make you an asset in the medical sales space. The EYS team and community of past and present students will be there the whole way to help you practice, discover, and own your potential!

Keila Resto-Ortiz

Associate Clinical Account Specialist at Biosense Webster | Johnson & Johnson

When I first embarked on my journey to break into the pharmaceutical sales industry, I was feeling quite discouraged. I was doing everything I could to really stand out, but only finding that I was able to make it to the first and second round of interviews. A full year and a half passed with many courses and certifications under my belt when I came across the Medical Sales Podcast by EYS. From here, I heard about the Medical Sales Career Builder and immediately enrolled! I knew that I was doing something right to get me into the interviews, but something was still preventing me from getting past that final interview. The program gave me the perfect opportunity to find out exactly what it was that was holding me back. With Samuel’s coaching and after going through the relevant learning modules and workbooks, I completely mastered my approach to interviews. It turns out this is exactly what I needed to break through and get me the job. I was ecstatic when I got the job offer and I couldn’t have done it without Samuel’s help and support . Thank you Samuel!

Eric Knotts

Health Science Advisor (CNS/Neuroscience Division), Otsuka America Pharmaceuticals Inc.

I just accepted a Technical Sales Associate job offer! I want to thank the Medical Sales Career Builder; The MSCB program not only introduced me into the medical device industry but gave me in depth knowledge of what top companies want to see in me and how to be an asset to their organization.

I did not have sales experience and I had no idea what companies to look for, what industries to look into, or where to start to get a medical sales position. I also did not know how to interview or even get to the interview stage. One day I went on Spotify and found The Medical Sales Podcast, talked to the team and joined the program. In addition to getting every single resource a person needs to get a medical sales position, I also learned how to effectively tell my story and navigated the interview sequence.

The MSCB program not only comes with resources but you are also able to join a community of like-minded medical sales reps. The investment is totally worth it but it requires a constant effort. The knowledge and skills I have learned here are skills I will rely on for the rest of my sales career. I want to thank the MSCB team for all their time, support and life changing experience.

Johan Arango

Lab Consumables - Biotech

Your Medical Sales Career Builder Includes:

Online Training

with short Video Trainings, Workbooks and Resources that guide you step-by-step through everything you need to get a job in medical sales.

Mock Interviews

with scoring, feedback and coaching by actual Healthcare Sales Hiring Managers so you will feel confident and shine during your job interviews.

Dedicated Medical Sales Mentor

will provide 6 private coaching sessions to develop your career skills, implement the online training program and help reach your goals.

Personalized LinkedIn Review

with actionable feedback to attract the right recruiters and hiring managers while elevating your personal brand to land your ideal job.

Weekly Live CLASS Trainings

with Q&A’s and hot seats where you can get help from industry insiders to apply everything you’re learning.

Custom Medical Sales Resume

done for you with 3 revisions so you have multiple versions that will land you interviews at the specific companies you are targeting.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

works with you directly to keep you on track and provide support to expedite your transition into medical sales.

Career Portfolio Website

where you can customize multiple portfolios or Brag Books with unique URLs and include a video that answers why they should hire you.

Matching Service

where our team will match you to the field you should be in by evaluating your strengths, goals and lifestyle so you can focus on landing the right job.

Medical Sales LinkedIn Community

where you can access exclusive job listings and network with 250+ current clients, alumni, and guest Sales Reps, Hiring Managers and Recruiters.

Personalized Recruiting Service

where we work alongside you to find great companies, great positions, and their contact information to reach out to them directly.

Weekly Live Medical Sales Workshops

featuring experts from different fields sharing how to sell in that field, salary expectations and all the pros and cons.

Level 1 Certification

Medical Sales Training Level 1 Certification

enhances your professional credibility within the industry and validates your resume to prospective employers.

Inside the Online Training Program





Discover your ideal field within medical sales and create a personal brand in alignment with your career goals. Start developing your resume and portfolio while you immediately begin networking with Sales Reps, Hiring Managers, and Recruiters in your field.





Expand your personal brand into a full package using templates and training that show you how to prepare your resume for tracking software, add your cover letter, obtain letters of recommendation, develop your LinkedIn profile, and use your network to garner interviews.





Learn how to master your interviews by
sharing your personal accomplishments, walking through your resume, knowing exactly what questions you’ll be asked, responding to questions with proven frameworks, and discussing your strengths and weaknesses.





Prepare for your interviews and create a plan for what to do before, during and afterward. Be prepared for any type of interview including in person, on screen, or self-recorded. Learn how to effectively close an interview and follow up in a way that gets you to the next round.





Create a plan that demonstrates a clear understanding of the role, what it requires and how you will succeed in 90 days. Turn your plan into a presentation and deliver it during your interview with your finalized resume, portfolio, cover letter, recommendations and more.





Succeed in your new role by understanding what happens next including how to respond to your offer letters, completing your background check, your sales training experience, and who to align yourself with to become a top performer at your new company.

Getting Started is Easy



Enter your contact information, upload your resume and complete the online application.



Evolve Your Success will review your resume for approval and contact you to schedule a preliminary interview.



Complete your final interview to receive an invitation into the Medical Sales Career Builder program



Schedule your onboarding call, begin the online program, attend the weekly trainings

Client Success Stories

This is my dream job…

Jada Hubbard

Pharmaceutical Sales

I didn’t know where to

Sara Kate Harbarger

Medical Device Sales

I had issues getting past
that first interview…

Brad Osterberg

Medical Device Sales