As a career strategist, speaker and coach, I support my clients in:

  • Establishing a strong personal brand in the medical sales industry.
  • Entering the medical sales industry and transitioning into different fields.
  • Expanding a strong network of sales professionals, decision makers and recruiters to develop career long relationships
  • Creating a unique resume that highlights their brand and transferable skills to be a standout.
  • Maximizing Social Media to bring a strong impact to their personal brand.
  • Maximizing their interview skills to command the interview process and be considered as an ideal candidate.
  • Helping clients master a selling style and mindset that helps them reach top tier performance.
  • Helping clients navigate their career to advance into executive roles and leadership .

Through working with sales professionals, I saw gaps in a how professionals can improve their sales performance and navigate a career that aligns with their ambitions. It also became clear that many sales professionals that had a passion for medicine, great skill sets, and a hunger to help patients did not understand how to get into medical sales. Through these experiences two programs were created that improve the performance of sales teams and help professionals break into the medical sales industry.


I bring 12+ years of medical sales experience with a focus in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology world. I come from a background in personal development and professional coaching.
My passion is to help professionals identify barriers to their access and performance and use unique solutions to create sustainable change. Through working with sales professionals, we have achieved game changing results, with sales professionals transformed from feeling stuck to nearly doubling their commissions and receiving promotions and rotation assignments.
We have helped professionals create the same breakthroughs in entering medical sales



Breaking into the industry – Our approach is comprehensive. If you are serious about entering the industry it takes a thought-out plan with an open mindset. Ramping up sales performance and navigating your career– We believe in a specific mindset, specific style of communication and a system of operations to create significant movement in within your role.



I am a Medical Sales Development Trainer and ICF Certified Career and Executive Coach. Developing people is a passion of mine, and finding new innovative ways to help professionals create more and be more effective is something I live to do. I have helped many sales professionals find success through coaching and training.

Samuel is passionate about sharing ideas to maximize human performance and regularly speaks at conventions and training events. Outside of working with individuals to achieve their highest levels of performance in business and life, Samuel enjoys spending time with his two sons and pursuing an active lifestyle in Long Beach, California.