For corporate clients, EYS provides social media sales development for sales teams. We support our clients in:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of their digital brand strategy through the use of social media to reach their intended audience.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of their sales force through employee training in the use of social media strategies to close more business.
  • Reaching more customers and generating more business through digital marketing strategies designed for healthcare organizations.

For individual clients, EYS provides career development in the healthcare sales industry for those interested in a career change or seeking advancement in their current position. We support our clients in:

  • Establishing a strong, personal brand in the medical sales industry
  • Expanding and strengthening a network of sales professionals, decision-makers, and recruiters to develop career-long relationships
  • Creating unique, standout resumes that highlight brand and transferable skills
  • Maximizing your communications skills to find the right fit for a company that values your strenghts
  • Utilizing social media to bring strong impact to a personal brand
  • Mastering a selling style and mindset to be the ultimate resource to customers who want your solutions
  • Learning how to navigate your career and advance into leadership



Our approach to selling is based on the science of social media. Social media has become a staple in developing relationships, building a brand, and creating opportunities to reach customers and decision-makers. Although many industries are embracing the value, healthcare is still behind. We aim to utilize social media selling and branding to maximize performance and to evolve success for both individuals and organizations. We are also proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We currently have an A- rating.



Every member of our team is devoted to developing people and organizations to achieve more through the use of new and innovative strategies. Together we have over 70 years of experience in developing professionals, creating marketing strategies, and finding solutions to grow business.