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From Registered Nurse to Associate Clinical Sales Representative with 

I am nurse who landed an incredible role in Medical Device Sales in LESS than 3 months. 
I recently accepted an entry level medical device sales position with an incredible company. Samuel has thankfully built out a fantastic team. I have to include the names of the people that had a hand on my success: Blake, April, Anthoney, Julia, Jeff, Aiza, Mignon, Elizabeth and the rest of the EYS work horses who allow for the program to run so efficiently.

One thing for me, I knew that I wanted to break into medical device space fast! I particularly chose EYS to help get me there due to their self paced training modules. 
I had heard from my peers that it took them longer than they anticipated to successfully transition into the industry. I was able to land my job in the time I predicted. 

EYS provides a significant amount of resources, including extraordinary mentors; some of which I listed above. 
The EYS Program was invaluable throughout my job search. The program teaches you how to navigate through each component of industry. Might I add… whatever you put in, you will certainly get out. It is worth investing into YOURSELF! 

Samual has structured the course beautifully. From informal office hours, webinars related to interviewing, networking, and personalized tips on how to leverage my prior work experience in the world of medical sales. 
I felt ready to navigate the interview sequence due to the guidance of the modules, and office hours. 
Without hesitation, I would recommend Samuel, his team, and the EYS Program to anyone who is seriously committed to succeeding in medical sales and willing to put in the work. If you have been waiting to take that leap, let EYS help lead you to your dream job! 

From Cardiac Registered Nurse to Cardiac Clinical Specialist with AtriCure! 

My name is Daniella, and I am a former Cardiac Registered Nurse and Nurse Educator. I now have my dream job as a Cardiac Clinical Specialist! Prior to joining this program, I was unaware of how important having a LinkedIn profile, creating your personal brand, and networking can be. Samuel and his team really taught me how to utilize LinkedIn and effectively network to find the best fit and company to work for. I loved learning from people in the industry and gaining invaluable insights and advice that I will be utilizing throughout my career. I am happy to say I am now a part of a great team and company! Getting into medical device sales is not easy, and it requires hard work, but it was worth the investment to have the support and network! Highly recommend this program!

I would definitely recommend Samuel, his team, and the EYS Program without hesitation to anyone who is seriously committed to succeeding in medical sales. Thank you all!

As a clinical occupational therapist, I was looking to make a transition into Medical Sales. Samual, his team and program helped me achieve my goal. Their guidance and positivity gave me the edge and enthusiasm for the transition! 

From Speech Language Pathologist to Territory Manager with Zynex Medical! 

I’m thrilled to announce my new role as a Territory Manager at Zynex Medical!

I previously worked as a hospital speech pathologist, experiencing burnout and desire for change. I yearned for a position offering greater opportunities for growth and challenge, and now I am so excited to begin my journey of working in medical device sales.

I owe a huge thank you to the entire team at Evolve Your Success. From the second I entered the program, I found genuine support from the entire team – they were truly dedicated to my success. 

Before the program, I wasn’t landing any interviews, and I struggled to demonstrate how my clinical background aligned with medical sales. The program not only helped me transform my resume and LinkedIn profile and create an exceptional digital career portfolio, but also significantly elevated my networking and interview skills. The program gave me confidence I needed to sell myself!

If you are struggling to showcase yourself and seeking a supportive network, I highly recommend joining the program.

Thanks again to the whole EYS team. I can’t wait to share more about my journey!

From Physical Therapist to Sales Rep with Zimmer Biomet in less than 3 months!

I recently accepted an entry level medical device sales position at Zimmer Biomet, an incredible company, thanks to Samuel, his incredible team including April, Anthoney, Brett, Julia, Jeff, Aiza, and Ferdy, as well as the rest of the EYS rock stars who enable the program to run so efficiently.

I knew that I wanted to break into medical device sales ASAP, and from the glowing recommendations and success stories, I chose EYS to help get me there. I had heard from others in the field that it took them years to successfully transition into the industry. With the significant resources at EYS, most importantly, access to wonderful mentors who are established in medical sales, it only took me 10 weeks to land a job with a fantastic company.

The EYS Program was invaluable throughout my job search. While it requires time and attention to complete assignments and hone skills relevant to getting a job offer in the field, the outcome is well worth the effort. From informal office hours, to structured webinars related to interviewing, networking, and personal attention on how to leverage my clinical experience in the world of medical sales, I was incredibly well-equipped for all the twists and turns of the recruiting process.

I would definitely recommend Samuel, his team, and the EYS Program without hesitation to anyone who is seriously committed to succeeding in medical sales. Thank you all!

From Animal Veterinarian to Territory Manager with Hiossen!

I just got a job as a Territory Representative.

I used to be a practicing small animal veterinarian, but I wanted to make a career pivot into medical device sales. 

I’m thankful Samuel initially reached out to me on LinkedIn simply offering to share 3 easy ways I could improve my LinkedIn profile. The Evolve Your Success team and program was very helpful allowing me to properly present myself and the skills I have as well as teaching me how to network and make the right connections with the right people.

Before I started the program I thought I would be able to transition into medical device sales with relative ease, however it was taking longer than I had hoped for. After a few months of constant job applications, I couldn’t get in front of someone to actually talk to and show them what I have to offer. I couldn’t even get a phone interview. 

So finally after a few months, I decided to write back to Samuel asking what those 3 things might be to improve my LinkedIn profile, and hear more about what he had to offer. 

I was still pretty hesitant to sign up for the program though, considering the fact I’m a doctor myself, I know have great people skills, I make meaningful connections with people, and I have the ability to learn almost anything. Ultimately though, it was exactly what I needed. 

The program really helped me polish the way I presented myself, and helped me gain confidence during the interview process. It really helped me get a better understanding of the sales world, and taught me how to do meaningful networking.

I definitely recommend the program, and I’m so happy I decided to go forward with it even though I didn’t think I needed it. It didn’t just help me break into the industry faster, it helped me break in, becaused it’s a competitive field and I don’t know if it would have happened without some of the skills I learned in the program. 

So thank you very much to the entire Evolve Your Success Team. I’m excited for what’s next and look forward to sharing where I’ll be a year from now.

Cory Hutchins

From Doctor of Physical Therapy to Inside Medical Sales Rep with WebPT!

I got a job offer as a remote Sales Development Representative with WebPT, the #1 Medical SaaS company for Allied Health Professions. I was very specific in what job I wanted. Before your program, I was lost in navigating the job market. I was getting no leads, consistent rejection on applications, which was slowly killing my motivation to make this change happen. Then I spoke to Samuel. Samuel from day 1 told me, “You have what it takes to make the change, you just need to change your approach. At first, I was skeptical, but after speaking to past alumni of the program and seeing the success past candidates had, I took the leap and trusted Samuel and his team. This leap of faith was the best decision I made in my approach to making this career pivot successful. Samuel, your program Medical Sales Career Builder. has helped me in many ways to achieve the goals I set out for myself. Your program taught me how to stand out from the pack of applicants. It taught me how to leverage my transferable skills and win the interview. It taught me to be open minded and to utilize my network to get the job opportunities I wanted. Ultimately leading to the best day of 2023, getting a job offer with the specific requirements I wanted! I can not thank you and your team enough. This will not only help me for the present, but for future opportunities in years to come.

Gabriella Castellani

From Occupational Therapist to Clinical Specialist at Medtronic!

I just got an offer from Medtronic for my dream job as a Clinical Specialist!! I could not be more excited and ready to begin my new career journey!

I want to give the biggest thank you to Samuel, April, Ferdy, Jules, Anthoney, and the entire Evolve Your Success team. Without the structure, support and wealth of information and resources I would not have had this opportunity present itself. Before I joined EYS, I was struggling to get noticed and land interviews. I had spent well over 6 months trying to get my foot in the door and be noticed. I knew I had the clinical background and skills that would make me a great candidate, but I wasn’t standing out from others. Within a couple weeks of joining this program I had two top companies interviewing me!!

This program really helped me hone in on my networking skills!! The win the view component of this class is truly what helped me land the job. I not only was able to get better with my interviewing style and comfort level, but I had support with every step. From help with building your LinkedIn profile, revamping your resume and the countless conversations from my mentor, I can’t say enough good things. This program is 100% worth the investment if you’re wanting to break into the medical device sales. I can especially say that for any clinician out there who’s a PT/OT/SLP/nurse. Going through the Medical Sales Career Builder program was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I cannot recommend this to enough people!! There is so much knowledge and insight to gain. Plus you build a strong network of people along the way who are always rooting for you and cheering you on, even if it’s in the background. This program will set you up for success!!

Thank you again to the WHOLE Evolve Your Success team! I can’t wait to share more of my journey and continue to be a part of the program, from the other side of course

Sawyer Hennis

From New Grad to Stryker On-site Specialist!

I BROKE IN to my dream job. I am a recent college graduate and have my own business. I have always had getting into the medical device industry as my dream career. It wasn’t easy but I’ve had some great leadership and mentoring along the way. So with that said thank you Medical Sales Career Builder. I was having interviews but wasn’t able to close them until I met with Samuel and joined the course. I had many hesitations with going all in with Samuel’s course. Ex( is it legit, does it really work, will this help me any.) Well I can finally answer also those doubts with no regret. It works and it has been one of my best decisions I’ve made. Going through the course gave me the most valuable information I was missing. From talking to recruiters to talking with regional manger. Not only communicating but how to sales yourself and grow your network. The medical sales career builder taught me it all. So if I was you take the big step and invest into yourself especially if this your dream career just like me.

Joey Hutchison

From B2B Inside Sales Rep to Trauma Associate Sales Rep for Styrker!

I’ve landed the job of my dreams at Stryker!! Prior to joining the program I was working within B2B sales at two different startups in Boston and Philadelphia. After looking for numerous programs across the internet I reached out to April and started the process. Joining the program was the best thing I could have done in terms of taking my career to the next level. Once joining this program you will be tasked with doing hard work on a day to day basis to make sure you get the results you want. Samuel is a leader in this industry and I strongly believe that if you join his program and put in the hard work you will receive the benefits like I have. The connections Samuel has will be able to get you into any industry you are curious in.

Maria Vargas

From case manager to Associate Medical Sales Rep with Medtronic!

I just got two job offers from two top Medical Device companies in the same day!! I was previously a Mental Health Case Manager and wanted to break into medical device sales. The guidance and support from Samuel and the EYS team was invaluable during this journey and allowed me to be in this incredible position… Before I joined the Medical Sales Career Builder I was applying to many jobs, even getting interviews, but never receiving any offers. I was watching videos and listening to podcasts day in and day out but was missing the most important part of the puzzle: Learning how to build a network of advocates within the company. MSCB allowed me to work with successful professionals in the industry who taught me how to build the right relationships to put me in the best position during the interview process. The mentors I was assigned to helped me build my confidence and realize that I belonged in this space and could have the career of my dreams helping people access better technologies to improve their lives. Thank you to the EYS team for helping me make my dreams a reality! If you are struggling to land the job of your dreams in this competitive industry, I cannot recommend this program enough. Invest in yourself so that you too can land your dream job.

Dylan Lypick

From New Grad/ Server Assist to Inside Pharmaceutical Sales Rep with ParaPRO!

I just got a inside pharmaceutical sales representative role offer!!! Before starting this role I was working as a server’s assistant at a steakhouse. I cannot thank Samuel and the entire team at Evolve Your Success enough for helping me push myself to get in this position. Before enrolling in this program I was unable to get to the close and be confident enough in my abilities to stand out. I was putting in the work outside by reading books and watching videos on how to be better in my interviews but it was not enough. Going through the Medical Sales Career Builder program was such a simple and intuitive process! It gave me the exact steps I needed to take in order to get my new position! Don’t leave your career to chance. Joining the Medical Sales Career Builder program was the best decision I’ve ever made and I highly recommend you do the same! When you consider what will happen to yourself as a leader and your revenue. It’s a no brainer. You have so much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose if you show up 100% just as Samuel does! Thank you again to the EYS team, my life and my career will never be the same because of their help!

Katie Baker

From Physician Assistant to Senior Clinical Specialist Saluda Medical!

I just got the job that will enable me to make a life-changing transition from a bedside role as a Physician Assistant to the Medical Device Sales industry!

I want to take a moment to thank those that made this transition as seamless as possible. To Samuel from Evolve Your Success- the Sales Career Builder platform you have designed is second to none and gave me all the tools I needed to break into the industry.

Prior to joining your program, my resume and LinkedIn profile did not adequately highlight all the value I could bring to the industry with my extensive clinical background.

With the EYS program, I was able to not only make my resume and LinkedIn profile appropriately represent me and my strengths, but also helped me to stand apart from the competition with an amazing digital Career Portfolio.

Do not let fear of transition or “imposter syndrome” hold you back. If you feel stuck in your career and know that your full potential is not being utilized, have the courage to make a change and better your life.
The best way to do that is to join the EYS program! Within ONE month of joining, I had all the tools I needed to land my dream job and am happy to say that I just signed a contract that will afford me the lifestyle I’ve been after.

Aaron Kopfinger

From Pharmaceutical rep to Sales Associate – Craniomaxillofacial KLS Martin Group!

just got a job offer as a sales associate with KLS Martin in the craniomaxillofacial space.
Previously, I was a sales representative at poly pharmaceuticals selling cough cold and allergy products. With that being said, I want to give a shoutout to Samuel and the EYS team. They really gave me the support that I needed to take this step forward in my career.

Before working with the EYS team, I was having a really hard time making it through the early stages of the interview process. I was reading all kinds of sales books, watching interview tips on youtube, sending out tons of applications, and if you can imagine anything else, I was doing that too.

Looking back on things now, my initial reaction was “How can I be failing at this when I’ve been successful in so many other areas of my life”. To be honest, a lot of times it felt demoralizing. Once I decided to join EYS, I was surrounded by people who lifted me up and gave me the advice that got me to where I am today.

So, what I can say is this… if you find yourself in the same boat that I was, don’t waste any more of your time. Samuel is the guy you want on your team. With all that being said, thank you to the EYS team and its all of its mentors. You have truly left your footprint on my life.

Brianna Gianfrancesco

From Travel Nurse to Senior Clinical Specialist at Medtronic!

I just received the job offer that is going to launch me into the most amazing Medical Device Career! I couldn’t be more excited to start my journey.

I want first and foremost thank Samuel and the Evolve Your Success program. Thanks to help of everyone on the team, I was able to hone in on my interview and resume skills and land the job of my dreams!
Prior to joining EYS, I was spending hours searching for positions and landing interviews – but unfortunately never actually landing the job. I was frustrated and ready to pause the process. I had seen EYS on LinkedIn, listened to the podcasts but was hesitant to make the leap.

When I finally joined, I was blown away at all of the recourses available to me! The program was easy to navigate, the mentors were PHENOMINAL, and the guidance was priceless.

My only regret is not joining EYS sooner! I am so thankful for this program and the opportunity it afforded me. I was able to land my dream job within a month of joining and I couldn’t be happier! If I could give one piece of advice to anyone starting their Medical Device journey it would be to start off by joining EYS and setting yourself up for the best success!

Thank you again Samuel and everyone at EYS – I can’t wait to share more about my endeavors!

Samantha Patterson

From Surgical Technologist to Territory Manager Zynex Medical!

August 2023

II just received the Territory Manager offer from Zynex! I was previously a Certified Surgical Technologist and wanted to break into medical device sales. Samuel and the Evolve Your Success Community made all of this possible for me with their mentorship and guidance. Before I joined the Medical Sales Career Builder I was struggling to connect with the right people to land any interviews. I was applying to job after job without any connections and was struggling in every way possible. I was hesitant to join MSCB because I wasn’t sure it would make a difference in my efforts. The MSCB allowed me to learn from some of the best people in the business and taught me how to connect with the right people and build my confidence. The mentors I was assigned went above and beyond to help me every step of the way. If you’re ready to join the company of your dreams and have a career you’re proud of I strongly suggest contacting Samuel! Samuel is the prime example of what it takes to be successful and has an incredible team! Thank you again to the EYS team for changing my life and helping me get the career of my dreams.

Eric W Johnson

From Associate Account Executive to Sales Training Associate with Medtronic!

August 2023

I just got a job offer with Medtronic!! I used to be an Account Executive with the Association for Talent Development. I just want to thank the Medical Sales Career Builder program, the medical sales mentors and client success managers from the EYS team, this wouldn’t have been possible without them! Before enrolling in the Medical Sales Career Builder, I wasn’t getting many interviews despite my best efforts. The few I was getting didn’t go very far and I received feedback along the lines of “not enough experience” even though I had been working in sales for 3 years. I applied to dozens of jobs, networked with friends and family on the industry, and even had help getting my resume tuned up. Once I found Evolve Your Success, the biggest hesitation I had was being unsure if I could afford the investment in myself. I thought long about where I currently am and where I wanted to go. I knew deep down EYS would get me where I wanted to be. I am so glad I chose to go through the program. The networking and connections it helped me make as well as all of the interview preparation that was done through the program allowed me to put my best foot forward when it came to interviewing with Medtronic. Don’t leave your career to chance. Joining the Medical Sales Career Builder program was the best decision I’ve ever made and I highly recommend you do the same! When you consider what will happen to yourself as a leader and your revenue. It’s a no brainer. You have so much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose if you show up 100% just as Samuel does!

Thanks again to the EYS team, my life and my career will never be the same!

Cassandra Okaye

From Medical Assistant to Associate territory Manager with Podimetrics!

March 2023

I got a job offer as an Associate Territory Manager! I would like to thank the Medical Sales Career Builder Program for all of their help! I was previously working at a clinic assisting physicians. I was having a hard time breaking into the medical device industry, networking, and getting interviews.
Going through the MSCB program was great! Samuel and the rest of the amazing team helped me learn how to perform better in interviews and how to network effectively. I gained a lot of invaluable knowledge through the program. They also helped me fix my resume and LinkedIn.
Doing the MSCB program was a wonderful choice. I highly recommend this program to others! Thanks again to the MSCB program and the entire EYS team!

Keila Resto-Ortiz

From Clinical Lab Manager to Clinical Account Specialist with Biosense Webster!

I was a Clinical Laboratory Manager and I enjoyed what I did but like many of people out there, I was hungry for a new “challenge”. I wanted to take my love for healthcare and technology to the next level by pursuing a transition into the Medical Sales space; however, I also knew that it wouldn’t be an easy task.

This program was everything I needed to make my dream happen! Samuel has put together a phenomenal team of coaches who truly challenge you to showcase your achievements and communicate your VALUE.

Within a few months, I was prepared to “walk me through your resume” and own “my story”. I was able to showcase my strengths and value, while staying true to who I am and remaining authentic during the interview process.

Regardless of your professional background, B2B experience OR NOT, you have useful skills and experiences that will make you an asset in the medical sales space. The EYS team and community of past and present students will be there the whole way to help you practice, discover, and own your potential!

Lisa Apple

From Doctor of Physical Therapy to Territory Manager with Bioventus!

Samuel has been an incredible wealth of information and knowledge about how to think bigger about your professional goals. His course Evolve your success prepares you to do the in depth work necessary to find your passion in the medical sales world. He is involved and invested in your success. It is so evident from the first time you get on a one on one zoom call with him. His enthusiasm for the field is palpable but finding the right fit for each of his clients is as well. He has gathered amazing professionals on his team. They are all the real deal and truly want to help you articulate your unique strengths and evolve into a medical sales professional. You can tell every time you speak with Samuel that he himself has done the deep personal work necessary to help others succeed. I am inspired by his passion and commitment to the success of his clients.

Caitlin Baker

From RN to Aesthetics Inside Sales Representative – Galderma Aesthetics

Samuel and the team at Evolve Your Success have changed my life. As a registered nurse who was feeling stagnated and defeated at the bedside, I found my way to Sam’s medical sales program through his podcast. I knew I needed a change and Samuel and the whole team gave me more than I could ever have hoped for through this program.

I was able to gain so much insight into the sales industry, learned how to market myself, revamped my resume, attended guest talks with current industry professionals, and built an incredible digital portfolio all while being supported and coached by Samuel and his team. The skills and knowledge I gained through this program were worth far more than the cost of the program itself; it was an investment into my future that I will always be so grateful for making. I landed the job of my dreams because of Samuel and the team and their collective, unwavering belief in me!

The tools his course provides and the community of support available through this program are of the highest caliber and absolutely invaluable. I can’t thank Sam and his team enough; for the first time I feel exhilaration when I think about my future!

Elizabeth Wild

From Server to Field Clinical Representative with Boston Scientific!

I’m a 23 yr old recent college grad who’s now working at Boston Scientific as a Field Clinical Rep in CRM.

If you want to break into med device I would absolutely consider this program. I am so glad I made the investment and am confident I wouldn’t have gotten this role without it.

Samuel and his team will first help you figure out exactly where you want to be in this industry. Whether it’s pharma or med device, they’ll go over what the day to day will look like and bring in speakers who are already in the field. They’ll help you revamp you’re LinkedIn and resume to help you stand out from the crowd. This program will tell you exactly what you need to do to obtain you’re dream job so as long as you keep with it and put in the work, you’re going to see results.

Had I not done this program I might have settled for less. You need to interview your interviewers and really ask yourself “can I see myself growing with this team and will I be supported”. The EYS team will guide you on how to do this and what questions you need to be asking.

The list goes on and on for why I’m thankful I did this so if you’re on the edge for whether or not you should do this, I would say go for it because life’s too short to be waiting for you’re dream job to come around.

Bradley Sadri

From RN to Regional Access Specialist with Hologic!

Samuel is a great mentor and coach, and he is able to bring the right mix of energy, objectivity, and expertise that is needed to land a job in medical device sales. He and his team at Evolve Your Success gave me the tools and advice to network and interview my way to an amazing job opportunity. Most importantly, he helped me see the value that I already have and taught me how to put that on full display. I was so glad I had Samuel in my corner, and I know he’ll be an advocate of mine for years to come!

Amber Mills

From RN to Clinical Specialist with Medtronic!

My name is Amber Mills and I am a former RN that is now a Clinical Specialist for DePuy Synthes! As an RN, we are not super involved in LinkedIn, or at least I wasn’t. Samuel and the EYS team really taught me how to utilize LinkedIn and really network myself to get in front of the right person. The value of all the things I learned during the process was nothing short of amazing. I could never say thank you enough for all the help and the support throughout this journey. I am now part of an amazing team at Synthes and I couldn’t be happier with where I ended up. If there are any RN’s out there ready to take the leap, here I am to say GO FOR IT!! You wont regret it.

Akshaya Musick

From New Grad to Business Development Manager!

Worth your investment!

I was coming straight out of college and found it daunting to put myself out there. Before joining EYS I had a hard time reaching decision makers and received way to many “Unfortunately we have considered somebody else”. However, after taking this course I was able to build the confidence to network, refine my resume/brand, and land interviews.

Thanks for everything : )

Nicole Wierman

From MR fusion specialist to CT Application Specialist with HeartFlow!

It was a pleasure working with Samuel’s team. Although I did not need the entire program, the interview help made me well prepared! I was confident in my prep since we had one on one time before each interview. they push you to think about yourself as an asset to the hiring company. Definitely recommend!

Sara Kate Harbarger

From Digital Merchandiser to Sales Representative For Medline Industries!

I just accepted a Medical Supplies Sales Rep job offer! I want to thank the Medical Sales Career Builder; this wouldn’t have been possible without them! Before enrolling in the Medical Sales Career Builder, I knew I had skills that could translate into the Healthcare industry, but I didn’t know where to begin in terms of which field was the right fit for me. I had applied to several roles and could not get past the ATS and I did not know how to tell my story.

I was hesitant to invest into the MSCB program, but as I was networking with medical sales reps and discussing the podcasts I’d been listening to (Samuel’s Podcast) — I made the connection with one of the sales reps that recommended Samuel’s program, as he was using it to build is LinkedIn Brand.

After joining the MSCB program, it took just under 3 months to land my dream job! The biggest impact the program had during my job search was it held me accountable. The MSCB program is a well-oiled machine and it holds you accountable to take every step in order to be prepared & get your dream job. In addition, it gave me the resources and the feedback to communicate the right message to sales reps, recruiters & hiring managers to get the job.

If you’re interested in joining the Healthcare sales industry but don’t know where to start or if you’re not making any progress with securing interviews, this program is for you! If you put your all into the program, you’ll see the results — but you have to show up and be ready to do the work. There are many resources I used during the program that I will continue to reference and utilize to succeed & grow in my career as a sales rep. I’m incredibly thankful that I found this program and took the leap to make such a large career pivot — I couldn’t have done it without their resources and motivation!

Johan Aranga

From New Grad to Technical Sales Associate With I.W. Tremont Co.!

I just accepted a Technical Sales Associate job offer! I want to thank the Medical Sales Career Builder; The MSCB program not only introduced me into the medical device industry but gave me in depth knowledge of what top companies want to see in me and how to be an asset to their organization.

I did not have sales experience and I had no idea what companies to look for, what industries to look into, or where to start to get a medical sales position. I also did not know how to interview or even get to the interview stage. One day I went on Spotify and found The Medical Sales Podcast, talked to the team and joined the program. In addition to getting every single resource a person needs to get a medical sales position, I also learned how to effectively tell my story and navigated the interview sequence.

The MSCB program not only comes with resources but you are also able to join a community of like-minded medical sales reps. The investment is totally worth it but it requires a constant effort. The knowledge and skills I have learned here are skills I will rely on for the rest of my sales career. I want to thank the MSCB team for all their time, support and life changing experience.

Brad Osterberg

From RT Clinical Manager to Clinical Specialist with Medtronic!

I just accepted a Clinical Specialist Pain Intervention Sales Rep job offer! I want to thank the Medical Sales Career Builder; utilizing this program gave me the exact edge I needed to get the position. I had attained many interviews for many different medical sales roles, but I could never get past the 1st one. I listening to podcasts, to gain any knowledge of getting into the industry. This is how I found Samuel’s program and The Medical Sales Podcast.

The second I found out what the program entailed I was ready to get started immediately. I knew it was going to be one of the most promising investments I’ve ever made. After 5 hard weeks of applying the necessary steps from the MSCB program, I succeeded in getting my dream job! The resources, social media learning and boosted confidence gave me exactly what I needed to land an interview quickly and promote my most authentic self and communicate my story and skill sets effectively to the recruiters and hiring managers.

Whether you have experience or not in the industry, the MSCB gives you the resources to feel confident, prepared and more than ready for every step of the interview process. In order to get the best outcome out of this and not short yourself, be sure to put your effort into it. I will definitely be utilizing the knowledge and confidence I have gained for the rest of my career. Thank you again to Samuel and the team for helping me find my confidence and changing my career trajectory!

Anika Pasilis

From Mortgage consultant to Associate Sales Consultant at Depuy Synthes

I just landed my dream job!

Before I started, I worked as a loan officer and in tech sales. I decided I wanted to do medical sales to improve patient outcomes and for career growth. The mentors in the program are invaluable! If you are thinking of pursuing of this program, do it!

Olivia Brady

Just got Pharmaceutical Sales Rep job offer! I want to thank the Medical Sales Career Builder; this wouldn’t have been possible without them! Before enrolling in the Medical Sales Career Builder, I had applied to several roles and was not being invited to interview for any of the roles. I was researching YouTube, podcasts, and any article I could find to try to gain more knowledge of getting into the industry.

I was hesitant to invest into the MSCB program, but after reading reviews on Samuel’s LinkedIn page from previous graduates, I knew it was going to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Sure enough, after just 4 weeks of applying the necessary steps from MSCB program, I landed my dream job! It gave me the resources and confidence needed to not only land an interview quickly, but to outshine the other candidates interviewing for the role in a big way.

Even if you have no previous experience in the industry, the MSCB gives you the resources to feel overly prepared and more than ready for every step of the interview process. When you show up 100% to the program, you will achieve the results you are looking for. I will be utilizing what I have learned from this program for the rest of my career and I’m so thankful that I took the step in giving it a try. Thank you again to Samuel and the team for being so supportive and making such an impact on my career!

Monique Brady

I got a job offer! I would like to thank the Medical Sales Career Builder program, this wouldn’t of been possible without them. Before enrolling in the Medical Sales Career Builder program, I was not getting any interviews. I was getting generic emails saying, “we went with other candidates” and I realized that I needed to start networking and learning more about the medical sales space where I found Samuel. Once I connected with Evolve Your Success I was instantly invested in the program and had to hesitation about the opportunity of getting my first medical sales position. Going through Medical Sales Career builder, I was heavily prepared for each interaction with each person during the medical sales process to be hired. Everything that was presented in the program proved that I was being provided with valuable information that led to success for my first job in medical sales! I strongly recommend the Medical Sales Career Builder program to anyone that would like to break into medical sales! Thanks again to Samuel and the team, my life and career will never be same!!

Jeffrey Koshy

The journey of breaking into medical sales can be much longer and harder than many expect. One thing I learned from Samuel is that networking goes a long way into landing a job in medical sales. They also helped me get better at my interview skills and answer questions more genuinely.

Nicholas Andrews

From Insurance Instructor to Territory Manager with Medtronic!

Samuel and his team at Evolve Your Success are game changers for professionals who are looking to present themselves at their best. I knew the competition for a career in the medical sales arena is immense and I needed to prepare myself to standout amongst all the other candidates vying for the same positions as I was. Sam will tell you I am very self aware of my strengths and weaknesses and I am very comfortable about speaking on what I know but not so much talking about myself. Enrolling in the Medical Sales Career Builder Program offered a holistic approach of how to represent my skills and attributes to hiring managers all awhile staying true to myself as I told my story. When you commit to the process the results happen, I landed a perfect role with the #1 medical device company in the world with no prior medical sales experience. You owe it to yourself and your career to join Evolve Your Success !!

DH Williams

Corporate Manager to Cardiovascular Sales Specialist!

I was having such a challenging time trying to land a dream job in the medical sales world. I thought I was doing everything I could to make this happen however after 5 months I became burnt out and unmotivated.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I had reached out and connected with over 1000 connections on LinkedIn and to my surprise, I ran into someone from my hometown who had much success in the field. He and I discussed the issues I was having and that’s when he told me about Samuel and his program.

I decided to give the program a try and signed up on June 2nd of this year. Within hours and days of signing up, I became very fascinated with what I was learning. The program made so much sense and helped me to become lazer like focused on what I wasn’t doing earlier to become successful and what I could do to make this happen.

July 2nd of 2021 I received an offer!

Not only was it from the specific company I was most interested in but also, it was in the specific city I was wanting to move to – clear across the east to the west coast.

Samuel and his program have truly changed my life! With his guidance including a weekly online module, live class and guest speakers in the field – just to name a few – anyone can succeed to land the medical sales position job of their dream!

Alana Ruggs

I just got a job offer!!! Thanks to Samuel and the Evolve Your Success Community. Many thanks to the Medical Sales Career Builder, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them. Before I discovered the program I wasn’t getting as many interviews as I was hoping despite the fact that I was applying to multiple job opportunities. I was searching for job opportunities in my area and just applying to them online and hoping someone would call me. I was becoming frustrated and knew I needed to do something different that would make me standout from other candidates, that’s when I discovered Evolve Your Success. I researched the program and spoke with others who were past clients of the program, I heard nothing but rave reviews. As soon as I joined and spoke with Samuel I knew I made the right decision. Going through the Medical Sales Career Builder program was simple and intuitive. It gave me an exact road map that lead me to my new position! Joining this program was the best decision I have ever made. It taught me so much, brought me out of my comfort zone, and it gave me the confidence I needed to win the job of my dreams. I highly suggest you join the program, do the work, because the skills you learn here and the connections you build are the best in the industry. Now that I have the dream job I’m looking forward to the future and signing up for the next phase of the program, Sales Builder. Thanks again Samuel because of you and the team my career is on the right track!

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